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In this post I will add Blogs and Links of interest as I find them  which are worth a look.                                     For exceptional art photography.                     For more fantastic art glass.          For wonderful glass and more.      For a blog on New Zealand Glass.                     For beautiful works by Colin Henney.        For spectacular glass images and sales made in the U.S.  For images of perfume bottles.   For wonderful Australian Glass.



3 thoughts on “Blogs and Links”

  1. Great site Peter! Do you happen to know if Helmut Hiebl is still operating in his gallery at Murringo NSW? I purchased a lovely piece there in 2001 and will be in the area again at the end of this month. Many thanks

    1. From comments left by other people I get the impression that Helmut Hiebl is no longer working or had Passed away although I can not be sure.

      Regards Peter.

  2. Hi Peter – We have a small blog for my glass art history at – For glass art enthusiastic to learn more of my glass art history I would love for them to be directed here. Thank you – Colin Heaney

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