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Hello my name is Peter.

I have been asked as to what I am trying to do with this blog so here is an explanation.

The main aim is to raise people’s awareness about studio or art glass which is glass made by artisans rather than mass produced. In particular Australian art glass, as in the past five to ten years I have observed many local glass blowing studios close down as a result of economics and a downturn in interest or just simply due to retirement.

It would be a great shame if this wonderful art form was lost so I hope that this blog helps to reignite some interest in this versatile and beautiful medium. Compared to other countries such as America, England, and Italy (Murano or Venice) the Australian art glass movement is relatively young. However in these few short years our artisans (locally and overseas born) have produced some amazing pieces drawing inspiration from the land around them including the traditional land owners with indigenous tones and their own rich heritage. Unfortunately like in many other cases these works are more highly prized overseas than here in our own country.

So please enjoy the images and read the descriptions. I urge you to click on any image; a larger one will load that you can click on again for an even larger version that you can scroll around to appreciate the numerous fine details. You will also notice that where possible I include the artist’s name or studio as they need to be credited for their work. Finally please visit your local galleries to support the artists’ efforts.

Kind regards to all Peter.

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  1. Congratulations on a splendid website! I really enjoyed looking through the images, and it is quite something to see how far glass has come since the early eighties, when I first noticed it. Beautiful works by Bernard Stonor, to name just one. I collect mainly ceramics, but have a few glass pieces. The major ones are safely catalogued, but I have few early pieces for which I have no notes. I wonder if I could send you the images, to see if you could confirm my guesses about them? I would be most grateful for your help.
    With thanks,
    Alwynne Mackie

  2. Dear Peter,

    Your website is very usefull for collectors. I am an italian art collector, not focused on glasses but I own some Murano glass. My last finding was a Maureen Williams large glass vase. I have been amazed by its beauty. Now I would like to contact mrs Williams to ask a certificate of authenticity, but it’s not easy to find a contact. Please, could you help to me?

  3. Peter,

    About 12-13 years ago I knew of Geoffrey Dickinson when he and his wife were in Elmhurst, Victoria at “Oasis Crystal”. I am lucky enough to have one of his works. By your website he is still around? If he is where?

    1. Hi Trevor
      Well Im still around but not a present making my glass, just needed some time out, I still have some of my crystal pieces that still need to be finished off, I hope you still enjoy my work.

      Kind Regards

      Geoffrey Dickinson

  4. Dear Peter, what a joy it has been to look at the images of the glass items in your collection. You have so many varied and beautiful pieces and certainly show offf Australian studio glass at its best. How you can display them all in your home, I have no idea, but I am sure that they must bring you, your family and friends so much pleasure. Now you have shared that pleasure with strangers, which is pure delight and a privilege. Thank you.

  5. I’ve only just discoverd your website, Peter. It makes my own New Zealand attempt look like a very poor relation. Keep up the good work

    1. For a link to Stuart’s website please look in the heading of blogs there you will find the link and enjoy this fascinating New Zealand site.

      All the best Peter.

  6. Thank you for featuring my glass art on your blog Peter. It is always a delight to me to find people expressing their appreciation of my art. I am now creating digital prints from my images of my glass art. I have manipulated the photos of the glass to create colour and visionary digital prints for resortwear and homewares. I still have some glass art for sale at http://www.colinheaney.com/casa-blu/glass.html
    My warmest regards and gratitude – Colin Heaney

  7. Hello Tony,

    Saw your incredible work when in Tasmania a few months ago and would like to buy some of the smaller bottles you have as i have started making perfumes from the beautiful Doterra essential oils. I use fractionated coconut oil as the carrier.

    Would love to hear from you re:prices?? and phone number if possible.



  8. Hi Peter,
    was great to chat today – I am super impressed with this site and your collection. Would really like to get you down to the gallery and meet John. What a fantastic forum here! Cheers daisy

  9. I was delighted to see the picture of the glass Boda brown owl.
    There is one in the antique shop that I frequent. It is not very tall, perhaps 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches. It is open on the bottom. It says Boda on it. Do you know anything about it’s history and
    present value. It doesn’t have a price on it and so I am not sure what might be appropriate to offer. Thank you, Diana

  10. Hi Peter I have a acquired a few beautiful pieces of gene polt and would like to know if anyone might be interested in them…thank you

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