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Peter Lupinski – 1958 – 2017

I first met Peter Lupinski in 1984 at AussieTrek at the Menzies Hotel in Sydney. He was accompanied by his “clothes horse” as she described herself, Colleen Kennedy, later Boland. He had made their costumes – a selection of costumes for the weekend – and I was judging the costume parade with George Takei. That’s how we met and kept in contact – at first through costuming and convention attendance. Peter was a skilled costumer and creative, not satisfied with just copying costumes from tv and movies – although we all remember him and his whip and hat from Raiders of the Lost Ark. He created costumes for stories written, like Gael Williams Terra Nova series, and just things that appealed to his imagination at the time. This love of costuming followed him all his life as he participated on program panels and created convention items such as the Off World Fashion Show at Medtrek 4. In later years, when he discovered a real joy in photography, he would still get models to wear his newest creations and he would photograph them as a piece of art.

Peter wasn’t just a costumer, though, he was a true artisan, making amazing kaleidoscopes, and cut glass and white metal creations for his friends and for sale in shops in Cessnock. He created and built the Australian SF Media Awards based on his vision of the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz.

He would do window dressing for shop fronts in Cessnock when he wasn’t working full time as orthodontic technician. And in the meantime, always have time to chat to friends and attend conventions when he could. He would take long walks in the bushland around the Hunter Valley photographing mushrooms and fungi of all sorts and colours, sharing them on Facebook with his many friend. Last year, he marched with his adopted clan, the Gordons, at the Highland Games at Bundanoon. His kilt was his favourite possession and he wore it in the correct manner. 😉

The last convention he attended was last February for the Medtrek 33 1/3 Reunion and will be very sorely missed for Medtrek 6 in July.

He was a softly spoken gentleman, full of enthusiasm and creativity. A one-of-a-kind. And he left behind a legacy of amazing artwork and costumes and memories.

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