The Collector

by Gregory Punshon

Peter was an avid collector.

Looking at his collections you would think they had nothing in common – grapefruit spoons, glass, artworks, gemstones, etc.

But they did.

They were examples of the most beautiful things, the most interesting things, and the most ugly things.

He had some of the most exquisite things I have ever seen; he showed me examples of craftsmanship that left me wondering how they could be built by hand, and he had some truly-hideously-ugly “things” that you could not help but look at.

Peter had many collections.

He had collections of collections.

I wise man once told me of Peter’s other collection.


Peter collected people all his life, his relationships were his greatest treasure.

So Peter has left us all with a puzzle; as members of his greatest collection we have to wonder if we are a beautiful thing, an interesting thing … or a truly-hideously-ugly thing.

But there is one thing we don’t have to wonder about, and that is what Peter felt for us, and that is Love.


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