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Koala Sculpture by Mats Jonasson

This superb sculpture of Australia’s most endearing creature the endangered Koala is made by Swedish artist Mats Jonasson. Created from clear crystal featuring an intaglio cut design that has been hand finished to enhance the fur giving it a soft appearance to the edges.To view this item correctly it should seen through the front as in the photo giving it a rounded shape with depth that makes it three dimensional. The realism of this piece suggests that the artist spent some time in Australia.

Koala Sculpture by Mats Jonasson
Koala Sculpture by Mats Jonasson


Window Weight by Unknown Artist

This is a spectacular Chinese made paper weight with a blue and clear jelly fish at the core consisting of a mass of tiny bubbles then a gather of clear glass is added. A black layer with gold flecks is applied before a final thick layer of clear. After the piece has been annealed a facet is cut on one side which is then polished to reveal the design within. The bottom is also ground and polished so that when placed on a light base it glows with a multitude of colours; a true triumph for the artist. My only wish is that the Chinese  artisans making such superb pieces would sign their work.

Window Weight made in China
Window Weight by Unknown Artist

Brown Owl by Kosta Boda

This is a beautiful little owl in brown and amber coloured mottled glass.Blown in a mould consisting of two halves creating a seam to the sides which in this case enhances the piece.The eyes are hand formed clear buttons that are applied afterwards. The blowing means that this piece is hollow which allows a light to be placed inside or under it to illuminate it from within. This piece is made by Kosta Boda but missing the paper label identifying it.

Brown Owl
Brown Owl by Kosta Boda

Night Butterfly by Desna

Night Butterfly is a spectacular piece of Art Deco sculpture created by the Desna factory in the Czech Republic using the original 1930s moulds after they were rediscovered in the warehouse. It is made of clear crystal which is sand blasted to give it an ethereal look before being mounted on a gloss black crystal plinth.

Night Butterfly
Night Butterfly by Dessna

Pillow Vase by Stuart Akroyd Glass

This unusual pillow vase is in a rich raspberry colour with a light lavender grey striped pattern on the body and an irregular cut hole to the top. This vase is in the form of a pillow shaped boiled sweet with it’s satin texture and unsymmetrical design  it looks to be  cut from a larger piece .  Created by Stuart Akroyd Glass in England.

Pillow Vase
Pillow Vase by Stuart Akroyd


Crystal Perfume Bottle by Desna

This perfume bottle is called meadow slipper  made of lead crystal and is created in a high quality mould  by the Desna company in the Czech Republic. It appears that the Desna company was recently purchased by the Lalique company of France which was their main competition since the 1930’s.

Meadow Slipper Crystal Perfume Bottle
Meadow Slipper Crystal Perfume Bottle by Desna

Letter Opener with Glass Beads by Chinese artist

This pretty letter opener is made using three glass beads to form the grip. The beads are made of dichroic glass on a steel rod coated with a release agent so they slip off when cooled. Made in shades of red with copper flecks that sparkle with the light they are then removed from the rod and  added to the shaft with spacers between and finished with a finial.

Letter Opener with Glass Beads
Letter Opener with Glass Beads by Chinese Artist