Red Cage Perfume Bottle by Michael Hook

This red cage perfume bottle was the prototype for a series in various colours so it is larger than the production pieces.  Created by Michael Hook of Resolution Glass this is a superb example of his work showing the skill that was employed to craft some of his glass perfume bottles.

Red Cage Perfume Bottle
Red Cage Perfume Bottle by Michael Hook


2 thoughts on “Red Cage Perfume Bottle by Michael Hook”

  1. Can you please assist me. I am trying to local a Blue Cage Perfume Bottle by Michael Hook. This is to be a gift for a special friend and I would appreciate your advice on where I can find one in Melbourne. Many thanks in anticipation.

  2. Peter, Thank you for your reply regarding how and if I may find a Michael Hook blue cage perfume bottle. I have noted that the internet says Michael Hook works at his own glass production house called Resolution Glass in Melbourne. Would you kindly give me their telephone number. I rang directory assistance and was told there was not a number for Resolution Glass. I would appreciate the number if you have it. Kind regards, Judy Oliver

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