Two Glass Baubles by Ian Johnstone

These two glass baubles are mouth blown and are quite heavy in clear glass with a thin surface colour cased onto the pieces. One is in a smoky purple and the other is in a rich raspberry with a crackle effect to both that sparkles when the sun catches them. Crafted by New South Wales artist Ian Johnstone in the the late twentieth century.

Two Glass Baubles
Two Glass Baubles by Ian Johnstone

3 thoughts on “Two Glass Baubles by Ian Johnstone”

  1. What do you know about Ian Johnstone? My wife found a vase made by him on the weekend. I’ve tried to find out where he’s from and your entry on this post is the best I’ve come up with so far.

    1. Ian lived in Leichhardt Sydney However I am not sure where he went to from there or if he is even still blowing.

  2. I actually went to school with Ian, and know that he is very talented in his field although I have not seen him for many many years. Last time we bumped into each other was in Balmain around 10 years ago and I was of the impression that he regularly displayed his craft in Sydney at Paddington markets. He is very well respected and I am sure any well known glass blowers would be aware of where to find him. As an avid surfer in search of the perfect wave, if you cannot locate him in Sydney there is a chance he may have relocated to a coastal location, but that’s just a hunch, hope this helps.

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