Caramel Bowl by Gerry King

This light caramel coloured bowl has darker chocolate and white wavy ripple design to the bottom half and has a lovely warm appealing look made by artist and simply signed King 87. It has now been definitely identified by Gerry as one of his blown pieces when he was still blowing and is considered by Gerry as a very fine example of his earlier work. . It measures 17cm in diameter at the rim and 11 1/2cm in height.

Caramel Bowl
Caramel Bowl by Gerry King

2 thoughts on “Caramel Bowl by Gerry King”

    1. After numerous conversations and emails with Gerry King he has definitely identified this piece as one of his earlier works when he was still blowing glass and considers it a fine piece of his work for that period. I am pleased that this puzzle has been solved.

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