Dreamtime Vase by Chris Pantano

A spectacular example of the glass makers art by Chris Pantano looks rather more like a painting than a vase. This vase has an Aboriginal style dreamtime  motif and some remarkable colours that transform an ordinary piece of glass into a work of art.

Dreamtime Vase
Dreamtime Vase By Chris Pantano

2 thoughts on “Dreamtime Vase by Chris Pantano”

  1. are you able to replace a vase by chris pantano we brought it in carins (reef gallary)on our honeymoon 1999 for $425 aud
    it was alladins shape stopper barrier reef
    we was burgled and need a price to replace and shipping if this is something that you can do would you let me know asap kind regards sharon harvey

  2. Gorgeous, we have a taller vase from this series, my husband saw me fall in love with it on our honeymoon and bought it for valentines day that year for me. So wonderful to see the other pieces with similar markings. I’ve always wondered if it had grown in value, assuming it has since it appears people are collecting Pantano.

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