Seahorse Vase by Amanda Louden

This vase is blown of a clear glass then flashed with a thin layer of lime green and black mottling which is masked up to make the design. Then where no masking exists it is cut or sand blasted to remove the the flashed glass. Amanda creates beautiful works of cameo glass in some wonderful colours.

Seahorse Vase
Seahorse Vase by Amanda Louden

2 thoughts on “Seahorse Vase by Amanda Louden”

  1. Hi, I am very interested in contacting Amanda because we have a piece of her work already. As well as being a superb artist she also has extensive knowledge of WA native plants I believe and I would like to commission her directly to create a piece for my husband. Do you know her contact details? Many thanks for your beautiful website, it is a joy. Marilyn Tsinidis

    1. Amanda sells her work in Galleries throughout Australia however mainly through Kirra Galleries in Federation Square Melbourne. Kirra Galleries do have an on line shop where you can find pieces for sale from numerous glass artist’s. Amanda will take commissions not directly but through the Galleries as she relies on their support.

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