Two Small Ink Bottles by Unknown Artist

These two ink bottles are possibly made by the same artist as they are similar in design and size. One is in a beautiful cobalt blue while the other has a mottled design in black over clear. Unfortunately they are both unsigned however I am confident that they are Australian made perhaps as end of day work or that of students.

Two Small Ink Bottles by Unknown Artist
Two Small Ink Bottles by Unknown Artist

One thought on “Two Small Ink Bottles by Unknown Artist”

  1. The blue bottle could be by Con Rhee, I have the same bottle in orange signed ‘Rhee 79’

    Information I have found on Con Rhee
    Born in Holland, Con Rhee studied Science at the University of Tasmania, graduating in 1965, and in 1970 completed his Doctorate in Biology at Harvard University, U.S. In 1971 Con Rhee studied blown hot-glass at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, U.S. and established a glass studio in Nova Scotia, Canada. He returned to Tasmania in 1973, and lectured in Botany at the Tasmanian College of Advanced Education, Hobart until 1979.

    During 1976 Con Rhee studied with Richard Marquis, the American glassmaker, during his term as artist in residence at the College. In 1978 he established a studio at Koonya, Tasmania.

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