Lime Green Vase by Ian Johnstone

Almost disappearing into the foliage is this lime green vase with cranberry wings applied to the sides as handles that are cut for added interest. This vase was created by Ian Johnstone of Sydney. This item is unsigned but purchased from the artist at a local market in the late 1980’s.

Lime Green Vase by Ian Johnstone
Lime Green Vase by Ian Johnstone

One thought on “Lime Green Vase by Ian Johnstone”

  1. Probably the meanest thing to do (but) vase like this
    I drilled 10m hole in bottom put in charchole brickets at bottom
    (deters aints) filled with garden soil planted young Buna Buna pine
    and fish ferns and now each exmas walla tree comes inside,
    Have 5 more plants to do the same with just need vases any help

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