Red Bottle by Peter Goss

This superb little bottle has a delectable strawberry colour to the main body with a soft lavender mauve swirled through the top and the flared lip. It also has a myriad of colour chips around the entire middle as well as a trailed design. Created by well known artist Peter Goss who moved to Australia from England and trained as a glass artist at the Jam Factory in Adelaide before moving to Queensland and setting up the Paraison Glass Studio. Eventually the studio was closed in 1991 due to ill health so this bottle was made rather late in his career as a glass artist.

Red Bottle by Peter Goss
Red Bottle by Peter Goss


One thought on “Red Bottle by Peter Goss”

  1. Hi Peter

    I was pleased to see a couple of my pieces on your web site, I have more photos if they would be any use to you.

    Kind Regards

    Peter Goss

    p.s I am now on Facebook and photos are on my home page.

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