Small Bowl by Unknown Artist

This exquisite  little bowl has subtleties in the glass and design that can only be seen by the eye which needs closer inspection to appreciate the delicacy.  This can best be done by  turning it in the sunlight to capture the beauty and magic of this gorgeous piece.  Unfortunately  the artist at this time is currently unknown. This piece is most likely made by Robert Knottenbelt and signed with a simple arrow mark although I am still waiting a call from Robert to confirm this. Robert has contacted me and he can not be sure if it is one of his pieces however has said that it could well be an early piece of his production work using silver chloride and enamels done in about the 1980’s.

Small Bowl
Small Bowl by Unknown Artist

2 thoughts on “Small Bowl by Unknown Artist”

  1. Hi Peter,

    I believe this small bowl is marked on the base with a small arrow pointing outwards. I have a similarly marked bowl 7.5 cm high by 10 cm diameter, in a somewhat different shape and coloured in a mottled blue with a trailed lip in a vaseline colour. You can see my item as Puzzle #62 on the Picasa page I have given as the website above. There is also a bottle in an antiques shop here in Canberra, marked in the same way and coloured the same as my bowl. This bottle has an elongated neck and a flanged top, and stands about 160-180cm high. Apart from the arrow mark, the vaseline trailed lip is common to all three items, so I am convinced they are by the same maker.

    I’m happy to receive any other suggestions you have to identify other items in my collection of Puzzles.


  2. Hi Peter. I have additional evidence that connects this bowl (and my similar one) with Rob Knottenbelt. I would like to compare some other aspects with you. Please email reply.

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