Echidna Probably by Helmut Hiebl

This charming little Echidna is probably made in Australia and thanks to Tim identified as probably the work of Helmut Hiebl .There is a moulded stamp of “H H”  with an “A” between the two but direiectly below. It is in clear glass cast in a mould and is intended to be viewed from the back which is flat. This piece reminds me of the adorable little creature depicted on our five cent piece which may have been the inspiration for this sculpture.

Echidna Probably by Helmut Hiebl


4 thoughts on “Echidna Probably by Helmut Hiebl”

  1. I am quite sure that was made by Helmut Heibl of Murringo, between Young and Boorowa in NSW.
    As far as I’m aware he stopped making glass a few years ago due to health problems.
    We have a wombat from the same series.

  2. This is not the work of Helmut Heibl.
    I have confirmed with his wife, that he only ever
    signed his works in hand never stamped.
    He also only signed H Heibl or his name in full.

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